** Tattoo of the Day



Best Cover Up

*Must have before picture

Best Small Black and Grey

*Size will be smaller than 9 inches to enter this category

Best Small Color

*Size will be smaller than 9 inches to enter this category

Best “Job Stopper” Tattoo

*Hands? Neck? Face? “Socially Unacceptable”? Then this is your category. The criteria will be up to the judges, but we know there will be a wide variety of great art in this one

Best Full Sleeve (leg or arm)

*Must be at least ¾ of the arm or leg covered for this category

Best Back Piece or Chest Panel

*Must be full back or chest

Best Realism

*No size limitations. This is all about photo-realism. The closest to a photo will win.

Best Geometric

*No size limitations.  

Worst Tattoo

*Kinda self explanatory… “Winner” receives free laser removal session from Grade A Tattoos and Body Piercing in Fort Wayne, Indiana


** Ms. Vixen Pin Up Contest Hosted By Laura Lynn 

*Ladies! Are you a real life pin up girl who deserves to be immortalized in ink? (Inked Magazine that is!) Then you need to get dolled up in your best   pin up gear and enter with the chance to be crowned “Ms. Vixen” and take   home the first prize… A photo shoot with Delicious Dolls Magazine and pics submitted to Inked Magazine!

** Show Us Your Beard Contest

* Gentlemen! Are you sporting a beard that you think the world should see?   Would you like to have your beard judged by a group of beautiful women     in the hopes of being recognized as the grower of the best beard at Devil’s Hollow? Then this contest is for you!

** Tattoo of the Day



Best Large Black and Grey

*Size will be larger than 9 inches for this category.  Must be all black and grey with no color. White highlights allowed.

Best Large Color

*Size will be larger than 9 inches to enter this category.

Best Portrait

*Must have reference picture to enter this category

Best Script

*Awards for best lettering or “script”

Best New School

*Animation style tattoo (new school)

Best Traditional

*Must be determined to be American traditional tattoo at registration

Best Water Color

*Must be a tattoo with with some type of water color element


** Tattoo of the Day

**** Tattoo of the Show




There will be a $10.00 entry fee for each contest category.

Convention representatives will inform contestants of the rules and will not accept money from them knowing they have chosen the wrong category.

Tattoos DO NOT need to be healed. We encourage work done at the show to be entered. Our judges have years of experience and will go above and beyond to be fair. This is a chance for all of these great artists from across the nation and around the world to represent!